131: Born Again (NT Lesson 5)

January 29, 2015

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“Born Again”


Class Member Reading: John 3-4

Scripture Chain: John 3:3–5; John 3:16–17; Mosiah 5:1–7; Mosiah 27:25–26; Alma 5:14–16; Alma 22:15–18

Other Reading: None


The idea of being “born again” is a powerful one, but is “again” even good? What does “born again” mean? Or better translated, “born from above?” This episode uses the narratives of Jesus speaking to Nicodemus and the Samaritan Woman to explore these concepts.


  1. Sunday School
    1. Review the reading
    2. What does being “born again” mean?
    3. Reading

iv.    Scripture chain

  1. How do we miss out because of misunderstanding? How can we overcome it?
  2. What is the starting point for human nature?
  3. How do we transform into new creatures?
  4. Conclusion

Paula and Christian join the class.
You can access the Annotated Reading here (or PDF).

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Jeremiah and the New Covenant, our episode where we discuss the science of change



Thanks to William Newman for audio editing, and to Marshal McDonald for the bumper music!