134: The Sermon on the Mount, Part I (New Testament Lesson 8)

February 18, 2015

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

The Sermon on the Mount: “A More Excellent Way”


Class Member Reading: Matthew 5

Scripture Chain: Matthew 5:48    ; Ether 12:27    ; Moroni 10:32–33; D&C 76:68–70

Other Reading: Luke 6; 3 Nephi 12-15


The Sermon on the Mount has been seen as Jesus’ guide to living–but then why does his advice seem so extreme, even harmful to implement? What does he mean by “be perfect”, and how do we get there? This episode shares insights from the literary, historical, and linguistic contexts to illuminate Jesus’ vital and challenging words.


Jenny and Benjamin join the class.


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Illuminating the Sermon at the Temple and the Sermon on the Mount

Claremont Mormon Studies Conference: “Community, Authority, Identity”


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