279.3: Family Systems (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 10, Study Notes)

March 11, 2018

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

Birthright Blessings; Marriage in the Covenant

The episode continues by reviewing Jewish practices of endogamy (marrying within one’s culture), wrestles with challenging or even harmful aspects of LDS approaches to marriage and children, and concludes with a discussion of healthy approaches to relationships.


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Class Member ReadingGenesis 242526272829

Additional Reading: None

Adam and Cami continue the discussion.


You can access the Annotated Reading here (or PDF).

You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF).



Lesson Part 2: Scholarship

0:00        Review of Format and Resources

4:15        Bible Commentary Notes

8:25        Marrying Within the Culture

12:50     Historical Endogamy

Study Notes

13:45     Critical Reading
19:24     Pres. Kimball Quote

31:28     Temple Marriage and Sealing Policies

Discussion Part 2

Discussion Part 3

35:45     What Difference does a Temple Marriage Make?

43:40     Endogamy

51:13     Temple Sealing

58:10     Concluding Thoughts



Thanks to James Estrada for quick and skillful postproduction, and as always to Steven Nelson for the beautiful bumper music.