002: Book of Mormon Lesson 25: Alma 17-22

“They Taught with Power and Authority from God” 

These chapters begin the story of the missionary efforts of the sons of Mosiah. Ammon and Lamoni take center stage, but the Lamanite woman Abish and her queen play key roles and Mormon emphasizes the contrasts between missionary and conversion experiences by paralleling the stories Ammon and Lamoni, Aaron and Lamoni’s father.

Highlights of this lesson include

  • Parallel stories of transformation of Lamoni and his father
  • Two of the strongest female protagonists in the Book of Mormon
  • Focus on the “Plan of Redemption”
  • An example of an “agnostic prayer”

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Following the lesson look forward to a class discussion with Danielle, Gwenevere, Mike, and Paul.

For each lesson I will be posting my Lesson and Reading notes in case you are interested in looking at them. My Lesson Notes will outline my plan for the lesson so you can follow along. My reading notes consist of transcriptions of the notes I write in the margins of my Book of Mormon as I read. You should be aware that these are usually more detailed and critical since I put the central, gospel-based messages in the lesson itself (After finishing transcribing my reading notes once I realized it takes too much time, so enjoy “reading over my shoulder” once).

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