010: Book of Mormon Lesson 33: Helaman 1-5

August 20, 2012

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

Even with the impending ministry of Christ among the Nephites, Mormon sees this section as the beginning of the end (Hel. 2:13). Helaman is a dark book with powerful highlights. This is a bad time to be a chief judge, and a bad time for the Nephites. The Nephites expand their territory, but wars divide the land–the Nephites to the north, Lamanites to the south. In this lesson and discussion we will cover:

  • Lessons from Helaman to his sons
  • A bright episode in dark chapters–the miraculous ministry of Lehi and Nephi
  • The beginning of an extreme “pride cycle” and Mormon’s commentary
  • Mormon’s provocative use of the term “church”
  • The connection between adversity and sanctification

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