025: Book of Mormon Lesson 47: Moroni 1-6

December 9, 2012

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“To Keep Them in the Right Way”

These chapters are straightforward–Moroni, shocked he hasn’t been killed yet, shares information about the organization of the church. He teaches about:

  • The Gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Ordination of priests and teachers
  • Gives the sacrament prayers
  • Baptism and Church order

This is an ideal time to discuss the question: Why do we go to Church? What is the purpose and value of a religious community? Why isn’t the increasingly popular “spiritual but not religious” adequate?

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Join a satisfying and motivating discussion with Emily, Chelsea, Rolf, and Jared.

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Thanks as always to James Estrada of Oak Street Audio for his hard work in postproduction.