056: Trials, Failure, and Purpose. D&C and Church History 27

“They Must Needs Be Chastened and Tried, Even as Abraham”

This lesson doesn’t waste any time striking to the heart of difficult issues.  This lesson will discuss such important topics as:

  • What role does God play in our “chastening” and trials? In what ways is the idea that God “chastens and tries us” helpful? In what ways is it harmful? Let’s examine this theology.
  • How are we supposed to understand the story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac, anyway?
  • Zion’s Camp
  • How Zion’s Camp is talked about at Church
  • How do we deal with choices and sacrifices that don’t work out as we expect?
  • Persecution then and now
  • What we can learn from the early Saints’ efforts to build Zion
  • How we can build Zion today

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Class Member ReadingD&C 101; 103; 105; Our Heritage, pages 27–29, 37–45; 35686_000_029D&C 95:1; Helaman 12:3; Acts 14:21–22; 2 Nephi 2:11; Mosiah 24:13–16; D&C 50:5; D&C 58:2

Additional Teacher ReadingD&C 57:1–3; D&C 63:24, 36; Hebrews 12:11

Join Andrea, Kaimi, Sandy and Jared for a challenging, powerful, and important discussion of vital topics such as the nature of God, suffering, the interpretation of scripture, and learning from failure.

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