173: Understanding the Book of Mormon (Gospel Doctrine Lesson 0)

December 22, 2015

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

Introduction to the Book of Mormon


Before we begin the Book of Mormon Sunday School year, I sit down (virtually) with Grant Hardy and McArthur Krishna (In North Carolina and India respectively) to review topics important to Book of Mormon Study.

We discuss: 

  • Personal experience reading the Book of Mormon
  • Approaches to the Book of Mormon
    • Devotional
    • Theological/Doctrinal
    • Literary
    • Historical
  • Reading the Book of Mormon from different perspectives
  • How did we get the Book of Mormon?
    • Translation process
    • Discernable sources
  • What is scripture?
  • What is inspiration?
  • Suggestions for teaching Book of Mormon in Sunday School
  • What is most important as we study the Book of Mormon?

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Reader’s Edition of The Book of Mormon

Understanding the Book of Mormon, Grant Hardy (or the Kindle edition for $3!)

Girls Who Choose God Set: Stories of Strong Women from the Bible; from the Book of Mormon (Deseret Book)

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Course by Dr. Christine Hayes, Open Yale Courses


Thanks to Jonathan Cannon for helping with the discussion outline and to Trent Oliphant and William Newman for audio editing.