270.1: Of God and Humans (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 1, Updated)

“This Is My Work and My Glory”


The first chapter of Moses addresses some of the most profound questions of human existence. What is human nature? Who is God? What is our relationship to God? What does God want? And what is salvation? Moses also models important lessons about character in his interaction with Satan.


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Class Reading: Moses 1:1-39

Additional Reading: None


You can access my Lesson Notes here (or PDF)


Thanks to Trent Oliphant for editing the episode so quickly!

Latest Comments

  1. Carl Gordon Pyper says:

    ” … to WORSHIP humans …” Would you agree that other human being, because we are all made, by the LORD, in the likeness and image of the LORD (and especially the most virtuous) should be viewed and revered as “holy and sacred?”


  2. Carl Gordon Pyper says:

    RE: “… we’re all prone to be lazy …” Good news! I thought I was the ONLY one!


  3. Carl Gordon Pyper says:

    RE: Scripture is NOT a “manual.” Very important point … too often converted to a ticket with squares that must be punched in order to prove “compliance” … instead of personally-pertinent messages that need to be personally contemplated.


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