232.2: True and Living Religion (D&C Gospel Doctrine Lesson 9)

February 25, 2017

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“The Only True and Living Church”


It is a shame we shorten this phrase to “The only true Church”, because I think “living” is a very important part of the statement. What does it mean to say the LDS Church is the “only true and living Church”? How do our Heavenly Parents interact with their children? What is the relationship between the different religions of the world? Why does it matter if we are a member of one religion rather than another?

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Student ReadingDoctrine and Covenants 20:1–36, 68–69, 75–79; 21; 27; 115:1–4; Our Heritage, pages 14–16, Isaiah 29:14, Daniel 2:44, Revelation 14:6–7, D&C 65:2

Additional Teacher ReadingIsaiah 11:11–12; 29:13–14; Jeremiah 31:31–33; Daniel 2:44–45 D&C 20, heading to D&C 20, 3 Nephi 27:8, D&C 1:38  Luke 22:19–20; 3 Nephi 18:7, 10–11, Heading to D&C 27


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