253.2: Marriage in Heaven and Earth (D&C Gospel Doctrine Lesson 31)

August 4, 2017

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“Sealed … for Time and for All Eternity”

No human relationship is as focused on, celebrated, and debated as marriage. But what is the relationship between our marriage now and union in the eternities? What was the development between marriage in the Bible, early Church, and present day? Get ready for one of the most interesting episodes ever as a unique class discusses:

  • Marriage in historical context
  • Marriage and the Bible (with a focus on polygamy)
  • Polygamy in the early Church
    • D&C 132
    • Early Polygamy
    • The issue of polyandry
    • Later polygamy
    • The Manifesto and after
  • Polygamy in current Mormonism
    • Fundamentalism
    • Temple sealings
    • Church member opinions
  • Reflections on the nature of relationships in heaven and marriage on earth

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Class Member Reading: Doctrine and Covenants 131:1–4; 132:4–33; 1 Corinthians 11:11; Genesis 2:18, 24

Additional Teacher Reading: D&C 49:15; D&C 42:22; Jacob 2:27, 30

Prepare yourself for an open, challenging, and satisfying discussion with Andrea, David, and sister wives Pauline and Kate. And be sure to listen carefully all the way to the end.

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