274.1: A Tale of Two Cities (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 5 Updated)

February 3, 2018

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“If Thou Doest Well, Thou Shalt Be Accepted”


The stories of Enoch and Cain present powerful contrasts… Enoch is shattered by suffering and his empathy expands as wide as eternity, while Cain mockingly asks whether he is his brother’s guard and kills out of jealousy and avoidance. These lessons teach us about the state of our hearts, relationships, and communities.


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Class ReadingMoses 5:16-41; 6:26-63; and 7:13, 17-21, 23-47, 68-691 John 3:11, 17-182 Nephi 2:25–27

Additional Reading: Moses 5:42-55; 6:10-23; and 7:14-16, 59-64

Other ReadingGenesis 4:1–16


You can access my Lesson Notes here (or PDF).


Thanks to Trent Oliphant for editing the updated episode, and to Steven Nelson for the bumper music.