311.3 Healthy Leadership (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 43, Study Notes)

December 1, 2018

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

The Shepherds of Israel


Turns out when you are assigned to care for sheep as a shepherd, eating them instead is not the recipe for success. This episode discusses the attributes of good leadership, how to support leaders, and what to do in the case of shepherds who make mistakes. This section explores Ezekiel in historical and literary context and the nature of leadership in the LDS Church.


Nancy and George continue the conversation.


Class Member Reading: Ezekiel 18; 34; 37; Psalm 23; Alma 5:7-14

Additional Reading: Ezekiel 2

Other Reading: D&C 121


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EGD Episode 104 on righteous leaders

Interpretation of the two sticks in Ezekiel 27, Kevin Barney at BCC
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