313.1 Identity and Integrity (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 45, Updated)

December 15, 2018

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“If I Perish, I Perish”

The stories of Esther and Daniel invite  a dramatic question: “What would you die for?” Dramatic stories and questions aside, the truth is that we answer this question every moment of every day. With each thought and decision we answer the questions, “What do we live for?” “What do we invest in?”

We talk about who we want to be, but our actions clearly communicate who we truly are.


Class Member Reading: Daniel 1; 3; 6; Esther 3; 4; 5; 7; 8; D&C 89:18-20

Additional Reading: Esther 1; 2; 6; 9; 10

Other Reading: None

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