• 411: Looking Back and Looking Forward

    I can’t believe we have been producing Engaging Gospel Doctrine for ten years! This special episode discusses the purpose and past of the podcast as well as milestones in my own journey and process. I also discuss the future of the podcast and the Olam Institute and its projects. Olam SiteWorkplace Wellness Presentation

  • 407: Finding Your Fit (Old Testament Lesson 10; March 6)

    In these chapters we read about the inter-generational machinations and drama around the family of Rebekah and her twin sons Jacob and Esau. We are invited to reflect on marriage and family, culture, mindset, relationships, and reconciliation. Class Reading: Genesis 24-27; 28-33 Related Episodes

  • 405: Fall and Freedom (Old Testament Lesson 3; January 16)

    This episode grapples with the fundamental questions of human nature and purpose. How do we increase and responsibly use our agency, given human limitations? Reading: January 16: Genesis 3-4; Moses 4-5   January 9: Genesis 1-2; Moses 2-3; Abraham 4-5     You can access my Reading Notes hereYou can access my Lesson Notes here Related Episodes

  • 403: Easter (Reissued)

    Celebrating Easter and resurrection is incomplete if we do not also celebrate the Holy Week, which is full of not just life and resurrection, but also disappointment, betrayal, and death. Easter invites us to increase our acceptance of death, which allows us to increase our engagement with life. We, like the women at the tomb,… Continue Reading

  • 402: Easter (Come Follow Me D&C Week 14)

    This is a time to celebrate renewal and resurrection. In this bonus episode I explain the purpose and contribution of Engaging Gospel Doctrine, comparing its approach to other Sunday School podcasts. There are so many great resources out there! I also reread Carol Lynn Pearson’s Holy Week, which applies the Easter message to our every… Continue Reading