• 328: April 21; Easter (New Testament Week 16)

    I think the most significant thing about Holy Week is that it fosters a holistic approach to Easter. It is not cheap celebration; it is full priced, high cost joy. It does not just celebrate life. It celebrates new, glorious, unexpected life after the agony of disappointment, betrayal, loss, rejection, and the death of everything… Continue Reading

  • 327: April 14; Transfiguration (New Testament Week 15)

    What would we think of ourselves transfigured? Are we prepared for the effort and pain that experiencing our better selves would require? These chapters teach us about cooperating with those who have common goals, transformation, and ask the provocative question: What are we purchasing with the currency of our soul? This episode follows the Come… Continue Reading

  • 323: March 10; Healing Ministry (New Testament Week 10)

    What is religion for? What are people for? These are exciting, challenging chapters that tell how Jesus’ family thought he was crazy and the religious elite thought he was blasphemous, all for teaching that caring for our fellow humans is more important than religious observance. Reading: Mark 2-5; Matthew 8-9 You can access my Lesson… Continue Reading