Podcast Listening Tips iOS 9 Podcast App

iOS 9 Podcast App

iOS 9 Podcast App

Updated to iOS 9 and feeling like something is missing?

Jim Webster made this helpful video explaining how to use the podcast with iOS 9:

1) To get the links, click on the podcast play bar at the bottom or the three dots in the top right and then select “view description”
2) for some people, the fast forward and rewind buttons are missing. In order to fast forward or rewind 15 seconds, tap to just to the right or left of the play button.
3) To set a sleep timer, tap the screen at the very bottom in the middle and the timer will come up.

The video also explains how to use the Twitter links and suggests Overcast if you aren’t a fan of the Podcast iOS app.

Though this post explains the issues, when you see it in action, it is easier to understand.


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