Access to Lesson Materials

The purpose of Mormon Sunday School is to provide constructive tools to assist in preparing for a lesson. Each lesson comes with a variety of tools which will be explained below.


The main tool is the podcast itself. Each podcast has both the correlating lesson number and title as provided in the materials provided by the LDS Church. Whether you are viewing the podcast on a mobile device or desktop computer, you can expect to find the following tools:

  • The name of the lesson is across the top of the page.  This is always a hyperlink to the lesson manual on the church’s website.
  • The scope of the podcast content.
  • The link to the Mormon Sunday School Annotated Reading in either a word or PDF format. The Annotated Reading is also prepared by Jared Anderson. Click here if you want to learn more about Jared Anderson.
  • The Link to the Mormon Sunday School Lesson Notes. Unless otherwise noted, the Lesson Notes are prepared by Jared Anderson. Click here if you want to learn more about Jared Anderson.
  • The assigned reading according to the Lesson Manual.
  • Additional relevant links are provided as suggested by class members or as they arise in the discussion. Provide suggestions by placing them in the comments section.


If you are reading this paragraph, you found the Mormon Sunday School website.  This page has a number of tools to help you in preparing for future gospel doctrine classes or to review old lessons and learning more about the LDS canon.


The open Facebook page has links to current episodes and other posts regarding the weekly readings.


The Mormon Sunday School website has a corresponding Facebook page. Click here to access the private group.

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