• 004: Book of Mormon Lesson 27: Alma 30-31

    “All Things Denote There Is a God” I jokingly call this lesson “Apostates week”. The key exchanges this lesson are Alma vs. Korihor and then Alma and his companions vs. the Zoramites. We are going to push a bit in approach with this lesson, use these scriptures to challenge us a touch. Kind of like… Continue Reading

  • 003: Book of Mormon Lesson 26: Alma 23-29

     “Converted Unto the Lord”  These chapters tell of the dramatic conversion experience of an entire group of people, the so-called Anti-Nephi Lehis. We will discuss conversion and transformation. How do we change? What baggage do we bear from our upbringings that may hinder this transformation? There are also terrible stories of violence in these chapters…… Continue Reading

  • 002: Book of Mormon Lesson 25: Alma 17-22

    “They Taught with Power and Authority from God”  These chapters begin the story of the missionary efforts of the sons of Mosiah. Ammon and Lamoni take center stage, but the Lamanite woman Abish and her queen play key roles and Mormon emphasizes the contrasts between missionary and conversion experiences by paralleling the stories Ammon and Lamoni, Aaron… Continue Reading

  • 001: Introduction to Mormon Stories Sunday School

                 In this first episode of Mormon Stories Sunday School, Bible scholar Jared Anderson outlines the vision, tone, goals, and proposed content of this Sunday School podcast. There will be a weekly Gospel Doctrine podcast entitled “Engaging Gospel Doctrine”, as well as a “ward library” of expanding content under the title… Continue Reading