The Mormon Sunday School class gets better when we work together. Please contact us to share your ideas and comments on how to better the class.


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  1. Ron says:

    I look forward to this podcast. I teach Gospel Doctrine every 2-3 weeks and have a wonderful class of people thirsty for knowledge and animated in discussions. Thanks for trying to catch up to the schedule. We are on lesson 27 this week (July 15th) I would appreciate it if you were to continue to do more than one a week for a few weeks.



  2. Jeannie says:

    Many thanks for the podcast. I especially love your comments Jared because you have a gift of explaining points thoroughly and concisely. The discussion is really helpful as well but I wish that your guests in the discussion could keep their comments more concise in the same way.


  3. Paul McIntyre says:

    I’ve reviewed some of your lesson material and don’t get it. Is the purpose to be able to participate in GD class without furthering church lies? If so that is too subtly hidden.

    I taught GD at five different times in my church assignments. But I have quit going now because I will only comment on truths that are shared and there are so few its frustrating.

    Whatever, you’re sure putting a lot of work in to it and I appreciate that.


    • Jared Anderson says:

      Paul, like you I am trying to comment on all the truth and goodness possible on the topics assigned in the manual. In addition I seek to honor authentic experiences of members of the Church and model a historically honest approach, all with a framework and language that would feel safe and familiar for an active, believing member. In short, I am trying to present Sunday School as it should be, in a way that provides inspiration for a maximum spectrum of those affiliated with Mormonism.


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