Join the Class!

Welcome to Mormon Sunday School everybody! We are so glad you are here. The purpose of this page is to give you access to all of the tools provided by Mormon Sunday School.

This website will provide you with enhanced tools to prepare to teach gospel doctrine or be a better prepared student.  Each gospel doctrine lesson has a few essential aspects. Mormon Sunday School provides the following tools to assist in the process:

  • Focus of Lesson:
    • The gospel doctrine manual provides a focus for the lesson.
    • In the podcast, Mormon Sunday School provides additional insight on the focus of the lesson.
  • Scriptural Reading:
    • The gospel doctrine manual provides a purposeful grouping of scriptures.
    • In the past, Mormon Sunday School provided documents containing the grouping of scriptures. This is a helpful way to read the verses without diversion or clicking around on your device. Click here to access the scriptures from the lessons.
      • Mormon Sunday School is in the process of adding oral scriptural readings to the podcast. This way it will allow for the same ease of preparing without diversion or clicking around on your device.
  • Modeling of Engaging Gospel Doctrine Class:
    • One of the purposes of the podcast is to provide a model example of an engaging gospel doctrine class.
    • This includes an overview of the verses, themes that arise, and scholarly background of the lesson scriptures.
    • On a regular basis, members of Mormon Sunday School participate in the class. If you want to volunteer, click this link.
  • Preparation for Your Lesson:
    • The materials are provided ahead of the classes being taught.  This is to allow for you to become familiar with material and even ask questions directly from the Class. This can be done in a couple of ways:
      • Ask questions of other class members through the Facebook page.
        • The group is closed so you must seek permission to be a class member but it is worth the extra bit of time.
      • Make comments under the lesson.

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