003: Book of Mormon Lesson 26: Alma 23-29

 “Converted Unto the Lord” 

These chapters tell of the dramatic conversion experience of an entire group of people, the so-called Anti-Nephi Lehis. We will discuss conversion and transformation. How do we change? What baggage do we bear from our upbringings that may hinder this transformation?

There are also terrible stories of violence in these chapters… what is the relationship between conversion and death? Should martyrdom ever be considered worth the cost? What is worth dying for? Pacifism and Violence are key related issues.

Finally, Alma concludes with a beautiful prayer with implications concerning redemption history, agency, and how God interacts with different groups of his children.

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Look forward to an engaging discussion with Debbie, Whitney, Adam and Jason.

After you listen to the lesson and class discussion, please post your comments and questions here on the blog and continue the conversation!


You can access my Lesson Notes here.


Thanks to Jared Mooney of Dirty Water Sound & Music for the excellent postproduction work.

Latest Comments

  1. Jason says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put these together. I used to love Mormon Stories, but once the podcasts turned into the same exit story over and over, it started getting pretty stale. I’m so glad I checked out the page again and found this series. Excellent, excellent work. Please keep it up.


  2. Lietta Ruger says:

    Now we’re talking – this is exactly what I would want to hear at the GD lessons! Thank you. It’s too early in my appreciation of the BoM to add much to these discussions. I think these lessons will go a long way to helping me embrace the BoM as additional scripture.

    I would want the participants to know how much they are contributing to my efforts as a ‘convert’. Although I don’t like the traditional membership use of the word, as in I’m not giving up precious beliefs, rather I’m open to incorporating the LDS viewpoints, this lesson has gone a long way in helping me to live with a conversion concept. Thank you much.

    Looking forward to more of these kind of SS lessons. Thank you particularly Jared for your willingness to take on this project 🙂


  3. Megan Fowler says:

    I live in Georgia and have played piano in primary since
    I was a fifteen years old. This calling seldom permits an opportunity to attend Sunday School and Relief Society. I also have family and friends who doctors and nurses who do not always get to attend church.I have lived in 6 states and visited many cities, but sometimes cannot attend church. This past Sunday my son introduced your gospel doctrine podcast and we listened to several lessons while traveling in the car. Your presentation and perspectives truly meet your objectives. I can’t thank you enough for seeing a need and providing this excellent service. My prayers are with you and your associates.


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