055: Preaching the Gospel; D&C and Church History 26

“Go Ye into All the World, and Preach My Gospel”

So first, look at our last missionary work episode with abundant awesome links:

We are going to look at this lesson from two primary angles:

First, what can we learn from the sacrifices of missionaries who have gone before us, especially the example of the early missionaries? How can we make our own sacrifices most effective?

Second, how does missionary work fit within the context of the fourfold mission of the Church? Temple work takes care of itself when there are happy, engaged members, so I want to look especially at how we can work to make a Church worth joining (perfect the saints) and how caring for the poor and needy (the fourth mission) can benefit missionary efforts as well as fulfilling central gospel principles.

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Student Reading
D&C 42:6; D&C 88:81Our Heritage, pages 30–32; D&C 112:19–22; Mark 16:15; D&C 18:15–16; D&C 60:2; D&C 123:11–12; Ephesians 2:19; Helaman 6:3; Moroni 6:4

Additional Teacher ReadingOur Heritage, pages 29–3336. D&C 112



Join the discussion with Bonnie, John, and my own sister-in-law Hilary.

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Latest Comments

  1. Jason Hong says:

    Jared and others,

    I wanted to thank you for this podcast. I was recently called as ward mission leader and this lesson parallels the direction I would like to take the ward mission. I would like the ward to become involved with service activities within the community. I was always impressed with the section in Elder Ballards book, Counseling with our Councils, about the ward reaching out to community service organizations.

    My wife and I have also been called to teach a mission preparation class in youth conference next week and I will be using some of the information from this great lesson. Great timing.

    I really enjoyed your comments about the newly added mission of the church and the lack of attention it is given. I wonder if it is due to the political leanings of the majority of the members. I stumbled upon this podcast today, and I have shared it with 3 other people. Your good work has not gone unnoticed.

    Thank you again,


  2. Hedgehog says:

    Struck by the brief discussion on whether China is open to missionary work. I have a good university friend, who together with her husband has spent 16 years as part of a Christian mission in China through OMF. Their approach seems to be much more about embedding oneself in the community, and being an example of followers of Christ, than overt proselyting. But isn’t something we do much as a part of missionary work.


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