058: Building the Kingdom of God in Nauvoo, Illinois; D&C and Church History 29

Building the Kingdom of God in Nauvoo, Illinois

The Nauvoo period of 1839-1846 proved both productive and tumultuous. This episode will explore this critical segment of Church history with an emphasis on the following points:

  • Why the Nauvoo period is so important historically
  • Establishment of the Relief Society
  • Establishment of temple ordinances
  • Nauvoo immigration stemming from earlier missionary efforts to England
  • Polygamy and its role in the downfall of Nauvoo

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Class Member Reading
: Doctrine and Covenants 124:1–21, 87–90, 97–110; 126; Our Heritage, pages 51–52, 55–58, 61–62; Matthew 6:33; Jacob 2:18–19; D&C 6:6; D&C 105:32

Additional Teacher Reading: D&C 124; D&C 57:1–3; 97:10–12; 115:7–12; D&C 118; D&C 64:33–34

Church historian Devery Anderson teaches and hosts this lesson and Danielle and Aaron join the discussion.

Please continue the conversation by posting your comments and questions here, in the facebook group, or email them to me at MormonSundaySchool at gmail.

You can access the Reading Notes here.


Devery Anderson and Gary James Bergera, Joseph Smith’s Quorum of the Anointed and The Nauvoo Endowment Companies

John Dinger, The Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes Linda King Newell, “The Historical Relationship of Mormon Women and Priesthood”

Matt McBride, A House for the Most High

D. Michael Quinn, “Mormon Women Have Had the Priesthood Since 1843”

George D. Smith, Nauvoo Polygamy

Brian D. Hales, Joseph Smith’s Polygamy
Many thanks to Devin Roth for the beautiful bumper music. Check out his arrangement of hymns and other work at DevinRothMusic!

Thanks to James Estrada of Oak Street Audio for his quality post-production.

Latest Comments

  1. Utahhiker801 says:

    Devery, great job substituting for Jared this week. After listening to the Sunday School podcast, I went over to Exploring Sainthood and listened to your 4-part podcast about the development of Temple Worship (okay, I’ve listened to 3 and am working on part 4). I learned a lot. As I teach this topic on Sunday, I’ll feel much better prepared. I think I might even push the class a bit by bringing up the Second Anointing since I have NEVER heard this discussed in church.

    Jared, you’ll be pleased to know that no one threw any spit wads or got sent to the bishop’s office during your absence. I hope you had a happy birthday.


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