078b: This is My Work and My Glory; OT lesson 1(Core)

“This Is My Work and My Glory”

This lesson only covers thirty-nine verses, but contains profound doctrine. Specifically, these verses illuminate the nature of God, humanity, revelation, and the Plan of Salvation.

I: Sunday School

  • What is the Book of Moses? (historical background)
  • Overview of content
  • Close Reading (focusing on 1:39)
  • Comments on approaching the OT


Class Reading: Moses 1:1-39

Additional Reading: None

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Join a rich discussion with Jessica, Jody, and Colby

You can access my Lesson Notes here.

You can access the Annotated Reading here.



0:00        Podcast episodes A/B: Purpose and Overview

8:50        Joseph Smith translation

15:09     Moses Summary and Moses 1

(Note: 20:15 to 25:55 is actually Part 3 and so should not have been on this track)

20:29     OT origins via culture/history

Discussion Part 1

25:56     Guest introductions

31:00     Revelation

33:05     Transfiguration

40:18     Nature of God/Interactions with God

49:17     Satan’s Temptation (Temper Tantrum)

58:58     Overall thoughts on The Book of Moses juxtaposed to the Old Testament



To be added shortly

Thanks to William Newman and James Estrada for post-production and to Steven Nelson for the bumper music.

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  1. Ignacio says:

    Where is the lesson for this Sunday? We should be on lesson two and if we are one lesson behind in the podcast it will not be helpful for me.


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