101.2: David and Bathsheba; OT Lesson 24 (Study Notes) 

“Create in Me a Clean Heart”

In intimate, tragic detail these passages present the story of David’s greatest mistakes. This most fully described character provides opportunity to engage with difficult but unavoidably important topics.

This section includes:

  • David and Bathsheba in historical context
  • A return to the topics of sexuality, consent, rape culture
  • Rape of Tamar
  • What we can do
  • How we deal with mistakes
  • How we are able to see our own weaknesses

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Class Member Reading: 2 Samuel 1112Psalm 51

Additional Reading: 2 Samuel 2345678910

Other Reading: 2 Samuel 13-20 (Consequences of David’s personal failings)


Content Note: It should not surprise anyone that a story about adultery, sex without consent, and premeditated murder prompts discussion that may not be suitable for all listeners.

Jennifer and Rebecca continue an important discussion.


You can access the Assigned Reading here (or PDF).

You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF).

You can access the audio of the Lesson portion only here (we will have the full episode up soon)




Thanks to James Estrada for post-production, and as always to Steven Nelson for the beautiful bumper music.

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