2015 New Testament Reading Assignments (Non-Annotated)

The goal of this page is to provide a resource that makes your preparation for your weekly gospel doctrine preparation easier. This is done by going through the Lesson Manual and then putting all of the scriptural references in one document.

These readings are NOT annotated.  This allows you to prepare your own notes and then compare them to the Engaging Gospel Doctrine Annotations. You access the annotated reading through the podcast by clicking on the image while you listen. In general, the annotated readings will not be posted prior to the podcast being published.

152 EGD L26 Reading To This End Was I Born

153 EGD L27 Reading He Is Not Here, For He Is Risen

154 EGD L28 Reading We Are Witnesses

155 EGD L29 Reading The Number Of The Disciples Was Multiplied

156 EGD L30 Reading God Is No Respecter of Persons

157 EGD L31 Reading And So Were the Churches Established in the Faith

158 EGD L32 Reading Live in the Spirit

159 EGD L33 Reading Ye Are The Temple of God

160 EGD L34 Reading Keep the Ordinances As I Delivered Them

161 EGD L35 Reading Be Ye Reconciled To God

162 EGD L36 Reading Beloved of God Called to be Saints

163 EGD L37 Reading Jesus Christ The Author and Finisher of Our Faith

164 EGD L38 Reading Thou Hast Testified of Me

165 EGD L39 Reading For the Perfecting of the Saints

166 EGD L40 Reading I Can Do All Things Through Christ

167 EGD L41 Reading I Have Finished My Course

168 EGD L42 Reading Pure Religion

169 EGD L43 Reading A Chosen Generation

170 EGD L44 Reading God is Love

171 EGD L45 Reading He That Overcometh Shall Inherit All Things

172 EGD L46 Reading He Will Dwell With Them and They Shall Be His People

End of 2015 Lessons

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