127: Faith in Jesus Christ (NT Lesson 1)

“That Ye Might Believe That Jesus Is the Christ”


Class Member Reading: Isaiah 61:1-3; JST Luke 3:4-11; John 1:1-14; 20:31

Scripture Chain: John 1:1–5;  John 1:9–17;  Abraham 3:22–27; Mosiah 3:5–10; Isaiah 61:1–2; Luke 4:16–21;

Other Reading: None


We are encouraged to believe “Jesus is the Christ”, but what does that mean, and why does it matter? This episode discusses

  • Sunday School
    • the meaning of different titles for Jesus
    • what we learn about Jesus in each book of the New Testament
    • review of the Scripture Chain
  • Scripture Study
    • interpretation of Scripture Chain verses
    • understandings of Jesus in historical context
  • Study Notes
    • dual fulfillment
    • approaches to faith in the Savior


You can access my Lesson Notes here (or PDF)



Thanks to James Estrada for postproduction and to Marshall McDonald for the new bumper music.



Latest Comments

  1. James Johnson says:

    At the end of this podcast you made reference to a very personal and “at-one-ment”, deliverance, salvation-type experience – but in the same breath said it was “Independent of this belief of Jesus-as-Savior…there are many ways to appreciate Jesus and appreciate the theology of Savior that do not depend on a particular interpretation of Jesus or salvation” in the context of a strange pre-statement: “Even if Jesus were not literally the Savior…I think the principles of salvation and atonement are incredibly powerful…”. Can you please clarify that, because I’m sure you didn’t mean to come across this way, but it sounds like you’re saying that salvation can come in some other way than in Jesus Christ, the Savior and Atoning One. Perhaps you are saying that many others, while not believing in Jesus the same way we do, can still have dramatic experiences producing feelings of personal healing and transformation?


    • Jared Anderson says:

      I think that we have common ground in what we are saying. I am emphasizing the experience of transformation and healing, as you state. Very often belief in and relationship with Jesus is what triggers this transformation, healing, peace, etc. For those who don’t believe in Jesus, other figures or ideas trigger the increase in wellness. The point I am making is that we can focus on and be grateful for the “saving” experiences we have in this life. Jesus either is or isn’t the Savior. Christian doctrine of course teaches that Jesus is the source of all healing and salvation, whether or not people realize it. This is why I like focusing on the experience and outcomes themselves. By their fruits…


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