165: Ephesians (New Testament Gospel of Doctrine Lesson 39)

“For the Perfecting of the Saints”


Ephesians tells us to “put on the armor of God”; how do we integrate the principles of truth, righteousness, preparedness, faith, salvation, and the Spirit into our life? This eloquent work also urges us to fill our lives with goodness so that we can use our time well and become our best selves. The teaching on husbands and wives requires challenging however.

P.S. does it matter if the author lies?


Class Member Reading: Ephesians

Additional Reading: John 17:11; Mosiah 18:21–22; Doctrine and Covenants 27:15–18; 38:25–27; Bible Dictionary, “Dispensations,” 657–58.

Scripture Chain: Psalm 133:1; 1 Corinthians 1:10; Ephesians 4:11–16; 2 Nephi 1:21; Moses 7:18

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You can access the Annotated Reading here (or PDF).

You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF).



00:00 Introduction
Sunday School
02:57 Framing
03:21 Two-minute take home
05:27 Reading commentary

19:02 “Household codes” and cultural influence

20:49 Transformation through focusing on strengths and positive actions
21:06 Armor of God

25:27 Ephesians chapter 1

29:02 Ephesians chapter 2
32:34 Ephesians chapter 3
35:09 Ephesians chapter 4
39:12 Ephesians chapter 5
42:57 Ephesians chapter 6
46:16 Additional reading
49:03 Scripture chain
51:24 Conclusion
Scripture Study
52:14 Book recommendation: Raymond Brown’s Introduction to the New Testament
53:11 To whom? The Ephesians?
56:32 From whom? Authorship of Ephesians
Study Notes
01:00:29 Implications of pseudepigraphy in the New Testament
01:04:26 Is the world really so wicked?
01:04:51 In groups, out groups, and Mormons
01:05:51 Armor of God II: Behavioral economics and good decisions



Lesson 39, Mormon Women Project: Our Cooperative Ministry

Recommended book: Raymond Brown’s Introduction to the New Testament

Resources on Ephesians, Powell’s Introducing the New Testament

No More Strangers and Foreigners, Conference talk by Elder Harold Hillam

No More Strangers and Foreigners, BYU Speech by Professor William Eggington

The world is getting better (Steven Pinker, Better Angels of Our Nature)

Sociology of In Groups and Out Groups (Jonathan Haidt TED talk)

Science and the Armor of God: Dan Ariely on Our Buggy Moral Code

Nudge: Influencing Context to Make Better Decisions

Blink by Malcom Gladwell

Meditation site (one of the few methods of actually changing the way we work) by Phil McLemore



Thanks to Marshal McDonald for the bumper music!

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