166: Anything Praiseworthy (NT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 40)

“I Can Do All Things through Christ”


“I can do anything with Jesus” sounds more like a playground boast.

But Paul’s advice to live with joy, and to spend our time thinking about what is most worthwhile… those principles merit application.



Class Member Reading: Philippians; Colossians; Philemon

Additional Reading: “Pauline Epistles: Epistle to the Philippians,” 745–46; “Pauline Epistles: Epistle to the Colossians,” 746; and “Pauline Epistles: Epistle to Philemon,” 746.

Scripture Chain: Philippians 4:8; Articles of Faith 1:13


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“Deny Yourselves of All Ungodliness”, Elder Maxwell

Lesson 40, Mormon Women Project: Our Cooperative Ministry

Four rituals that will make you happier


Thanks to Marshal McDonald for the bumper music!

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