181: The Comforting and Atoning God (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 8)

“O How Great the Goodness of Our God”


Jacob, the sensitive soul born in the wilderness into a fractured family, presents our reading for this lesson. From Isaiah he shares a message of judgment and comfort, and teaches powerful lessons about Atonement and God’s call for us to wake up and use our agency to live well.


Class Member Reading: 2 Ne. 6-10

Additional Reading: Additional reading: Isaiah 49–52. You may want to compare Isaiah 49:22–26 with 2 Nephi 6:6–7, 16–18; Isaiah 50 with 2 Nephi 7; Isaiah 51 with 2 Nephi 8:1–23; and Isaiah 52:1–2 with 2 Nephi 8:24–25.

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“Ye Are My Hands,” President Uchtdorf 

“She That Is Weary”, Mormon Women Project: Our Cooperative Ministry Lesson 8

151: Atonement

081.1: The Fall 

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