186: The Allegory of the Olive Trees (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 13)

“The Allegory of the Olive Trees”


Jacob 5 is long, but relatively transparent–it is easy to discern that the vineyard is the world; the Lord is well, the Lord; and that the trees represent people. It makes sense that the “tame olive tree” is Israel and the “wild olive trees” represent Gentiles.

But even without understanding all the symbols, the caring and compassion, the dedication of vulnerability of the Lord of the vineyard is clear.


Class Member Reading: Jacob 5 – 7

Additional Reading: 1 Nephi 10:12–14; 22:3–5; Bible Dictionary, “Olive Tree,” 739–40.


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Ensign article on the Allegory of the Olive Trees

Zenos, Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Olive Culture, FAIR Mormon

Botanical Comparisons in the Allegory of the Olive Tree; BYU Religious Studies Center

Personalizing Jacob 5; Mormon Women Project: Our Cooperative Ministry


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  1. churchistrue says:

    I enjoyed your thoughts on this one. I took some of your general ideas and expanded on them in this post. http://www.churchistrue.com/blog/allegory-of-the-olive-tree/


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