262.2: Family History (D&C Gospel Doctrine Lesson 40)

Finding Joy in Temple and Family History Work”

Can we be saved through stories? This episode explores the stories we tell, as we record our own experiences, document the stories of family members, and “redeem our dead”–first by rediscovering them and keeping their stories alive and then doing their temple work.

Bradley leads an informed discussion with Jenne, Catherine and Christopher that includes the following points:

  • Role of “Family History Work” in current LDS culture
  • Family History as collecting data for temple work
  • Some advice and guidance
  • Family History as collecting and sharing stories
  • The power and importance of stories
  • Family History and personal ritual

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Class Member Reading
: Malachi 3:16–18; D&C 85:9; D&C 128:7; Moses 6:5–8, 46; Abraham 1:31

Additional Teacher Reading: D&C 110:13–16; Mark 3:31-35

You can access the Assigned Reading here.

You can access the Lesson Notes here.



Many thanks to Devin Roth for the beautiful bumper music. Check out his arrangement of hymns and other work at DevinRothMusic.

Thanks to James Estrada for the audio post-production.

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