269.2: Introduction to the Old Testament (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 0)

Introduction to the Old Testament


We need a preliminary episode before diving in to the manual for the year. In this “Lesson 0”, I go over the manual, provide a brief but intense overview of the Old Testament, talk about issues of faith, and suggest some key resources that will aid you in understanding the Old Testament. Enjoy!


0:00 Summary of LDS manual lessons

7:40 Interpretation of OT (Jewish/Christian/Academic)

9:17 Approaches to OT Study (hyperliteral, rejectionist/reductionist, hybrid)

16:00 OT origins via culture/history

24:52 OT books overview

30:45 OT books summary

46.17 Nature of the Bible

49:09 Faith + Academic Inquiry

53.38 Podcast Structure/Tone

1:01:25 Companion podcast + other resources

1:07:22 OLAM institute

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You can access my Lesson Notes here.



A discussion of how to study the Old Testament, Mormon Matters

Recommended Resources for the OT on Times&Seasons

Study Bibles (Don’t be overwhelmed. I recommend either the Harper Collins or ESV depending on what you want your faith/study balance to be)

Harper Collins NRSV (Academic, most notes for the buck)

Oxford NRSV (Academic, easier to read than Harper Collins)

NAB Catholic Study Bible

New Interpreter’s Study Bible (NRSV, but more conservative scholarship)

ESV Study Bible (Very readable translation, conservative scholarship)

Jehovah and the World of the Old Testament

Oxford Companion to the Bible (worthwhile but expensive; get it used)

Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible

Oxford Bible Commentary


Three of my favorite Bible apps, with abundant translations and study helps:




Intros to the Old Testament

Kugel, How to Read the Bible

McKenzie, How to Read the Bible (mostly on the OT, about why genre and context matter)

Collins, The Old Testament (pretty straightforward academic)

Matthews and Moyer, Old Testament: Text and Context (more reader friendly introduction)

 Reading the Old Testament (more faithful but still academic perspective)

The Bible in Translation (Great little book that goes over most modern and some ancient translations)

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