282.3: Deliverance (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 13, Study Notes)

Bondage, Passover, and Exodus

Part II (Scholarship) explores the Exodus and Passover from literary and historical perspectives. What can we say really happened? How did these stories develop? The symbolism and importance of the Passover in  the Bible and Judaism is also discussed.

Part III (Study Notes) takes Moses and Exodus “down the rabbit hole”, proposes value we can draw from the historical perspective on the accounts, challenges a God who would kill firstborn children, and wrestles with themes of bondage and slavery in our own lives.


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Class Member ReadingExodus 1235611121314Matthew 26:19, 26-28D&C 20:75-79

Additional ReadingExodus 47891015

Other Reading: None


Sarah and Christian join the discussion, and Allen contributes to Part II.


You can access the Lesson Notes here.

You can access the Annotated Reading here.




Lesson Part 2: Scholarship

0:00        Plagues

8:35        Red Sea
14:50     Numbers of People

Discussion Part 3

16:36     Literal Reality of The Exodus

21:15     Role of The Exodus in Judaism

32:00     Passover and Thanksgiving

37:00     Creation Myths

40:45     Parallels and Theological Problems

48:34     Exodus Invented and Other Roles for s in the Narrative

57:57     Things that Enslave Us



Exodus and Passover, Discovering the Old Testament 

Howard W. Hunter, Christ, Our Passover

Jeffrey R. Holland, This Do in Remembrance of Me 

Slavery Footprint 

What Really Happened During the Exodus? Carol Meyers for NOVA

Exodus 14 divided into sources 

Memory and Forgetting, RadioLab 


Thanks to Sheldon for hosting this episode, James Estrada for audio postproduction, and as always to Steven Nelson for the beautiful bumper music.

Latest Comments

  1. Brad says:

    This was an excellent discussion, for so many reasons. I wanted to let you know that the link in the description to the “Slavery Footprint” site is malformed. This is such an important aspect of our modern world to watch out for, and I didn’t want other visitors to miss the site because of a broken link, which should point to
    Thanks as always for a great podcast.


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