293.5: Art and Gratitude (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 25, Sunday School)

“Let Every Thing That Hath Breath Praise the Lord”


Music permeates our lives in addition to playing a central role in our worship. This lesson explores the “hymn book” of ancient Israel as well as music more broadly. This portion also explores gratitude, a central theme of the Psalms and principle of the gospel.

This portion of the episode covers

  • Gratitude
  • An introduction to the Psalms
  • The relationship between gratitude, inspiration, and music
  • Favorite hymns


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One Time Donation:

$25      $50      $100


Class Member Reading: Psalm 69:20; 22:7-8; 22:16; 22:18; 22:1; 16:10; 23; 51; 59:16; 78:38; 86:5, 13; 100:4-5; 103:2-4, 8-11, 17-18; 4:5; 5:11; 9:10; 18:2; 56:11; 62:8; 118:8-9; 5:7; 15:1-3; 24; 27:4; 65:4; 84:1-2, 4, 10-12; 122; 134; Mark 14:32-41; Matthew 27:35, 39-43, 46; Mark 15:25; Acts 2:31-32; Acts 13:34-35 (See the Annotated Reading link below for the readings)

Additional Reading: None

Other Reading: Look through the rest of the Psalms as well as your favorite Hymns


Music aficionados Michael, Jared, and Greg join the class.


You can access the Annotated Reading here (or PDF)

You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF)

We will have the finished audio up tomorrow (Friday 7/4), but if you are impatient you can access the lesson file here: Lesson 25.1




Hearty thanks to Nathan Jones for content editing and to James Estrada for audio post-production. As always, thanks to Steven Nelson for the bumper music!

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