309.1 Burning in your Bones (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 41, Updated)

“I Have Made Thee This Day … an Iron Pillar”

Jeremiah is a fascinating figure, both powerful and poignant. It all seems well and good to read about him now, but during his life he was punished for sharing the unpopular message that rather than God forever protecting Jerusalem, the Babylonians would prove the winners.

We can apply the example of Jeremiah to our own lives as we courageously own our truth, live according to our principles, and sustainably work to improve the systems of which we are a part.


Class Member Reading: Jeremiah 1; 2; 15; 20; 26; 36; 37; 38

Additional Reading: Jeremiah 3; 9; 13; 30; 32:37-42; 33; 35

Other Reading: Lamentations


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You can access my Lesson Notes here (or PDF).

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