361: House Churches (Come Follow Me, Special Episode)

Covid-19 has disrupted our lives both personally and globally. I hope we are all taking care of ourselves and each other as best as we can. The secret to disruption is that it can be an invitation to lasting change and nurturing of relationships. I have issued this special episode to provide resources to support Church leaders’ suspending of all Church meetings. I will therefore upgrade Engaging Gospel Doctrine from a Sunday School podcast to a House Church podcast.

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One Time Donation:
$10   $25   $50   $100

You can access my Lesson Notes here

Recommended Resources
President Nelson’s Message of Hope
Church Announcement about Worship Services
Church Announcement about Conference
Church Announcement about Temple Worship
Introduction to the Come Follow Me Curriculum, Elder Cook
Blessings of Come Follow Me, Elder Pace
The importance of “Flattening the Curve” of infection
Joe Rogan’s discussion with an expert on infectious diseases
Corona Virus and Exponential Growth
Happiness Hypothesis website

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