368.1: The Trial of Abinadi (BoM Lesson 17, Reissued)

“God Himself … Shall Redeem His People”

Abinadi is like a Spy-Prophet-Debater-Theologian as he sneaks back into the land of Shilom, speaks out against wickedness of king and people, and finally digs into some hard-hitting theology as he debates Noah and his priests. These chapters address themes such as submission, the nature of God, dealing with criticism, and understanding our legacies.

Class Member Reading: Mosiah 12-17

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You can access the Annotated Reading here.

You can access the Lesson Notes here.


Episode 116.2, Study Notes portion covering Isaiah 53

The Jesus of Mormonism, Mormon Matters

Elohim and Jehovah in Mormonism and the Bible, Dialogue article by Boyd Kirkland

CNN article on the “Atheist 10 Commandments” 

Discussion of the Satanic Temple’s Seven Tenets, by the Friendly Atheist

Christopher Hitchens’ critique of the 10 commandments (contains profanity)

What is “the self”? Inquiring Minds

Art: Trial of Abinadi by Minerva Teichert

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