371.1: Kings, Judges, and War (BoM Gospel Doctrine Week 20)

“Alma … Did Judge Righteous Judgments”

Reading: Mosiah 29-Alma 4

In these chapters, we need to challenge the narrator. Mormon assures us that Alma is right and Nehor is wrong, that the Nephites are just and the Amlicites are wicked. But a closer reading challenges, or at least nuances these claims, giving us an opportunity o explore bias and the critical question of how to constructively reach those who disagree with us.

You can access the Annotated Reading here.

You can access the Lesson Notes here.


Elder Renlund’s Facebook post about loving and respecting those who live differently

What to say to a friend leaving the Church, RationalFaiths

The necessity of compromise, BYU Magazine

A democrat and republican are stranded on an island, BYU Magazine

Anti-universalistic rhetoric in the Book of Mormon, Dan Vogel

Why Mormons Leave

Resources for responsible voting




Resource for comparing candidates’ platforms

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