375.1: Theodicy of the Unbearable (Come Follow Me Week 23, Reissued)

“Give Us Strength According to Our Faith … in Christ”

This lesson confronts us with hard, perhaps impossible questions. We read about a God who intervenes sometimes, but not others. Alma and Amulek are saved, but only after an extended time in prison. And the worst atrocity is not prevented at all–the murder of women and children. We are not equipped to handle the horrors that happen day to day, and yet we relentlessly seek some sense of meaning and stability. This final episode of Mormon Sunday School explores these difficult topics of God’s actions in light of agency.

Diana and Jacob join the class.

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Theologizing in the Presence of Burning Children: From Theodicy to Lament, Jacob Baker

Latest Comments

  1. DNet says:

    Hi, Jared, I want to thank you for your podcasts and the unique viewpoints you being to them. I have been working through the repercussions my husband leaving the church. He has used me as a convenient receptacle for his venom towards the church. To say it has been hard would be a gross understatement. Fortunately, he has been willing to engage in prolonged therapy and we seem to be over the worst of it.  Your podcasts have been one of the keys to my healing. I haven’t been listening too long, but just over the 3 months or so they have helped my in so many ways. I appreciate how you challenge culture and tradition, and allow space to question without being accused of lacking faith. You provide viewpoints that I find so helpful in understanding and accepting some of my life’s most difficult challenges. Thank you for that.  This podcast is the first one I’ve listened to with your guests. I enjoyed the content, but was left feeling frustrated. There was much discussion on the lack of women’s voices in the Book of Mormon, yet the woman on the podcast was silent or monosyllabic for much of the time. She was definitely not the voice a third of the time, or even close to it. When she did speak, there was an unsettling amount of “man-splaining” after she spoke. I found a terrible irony in the male voices explaining the female experience, that we need to allow women to take the lead, and how to be a proper support to feminism, etc. The woman and her voice were RIGHT THERE yet she was silent through so much of it. No questions asking her to expound or go deeper into her thoughts, just a lot of the male voice restating what the female just said.  As I said, this is the first podcast I’ve listened to with the two guests, and I know nothing of their temperaments or the dynamics of other podcasts with them. Perhaps this is not the norm. Again, thank you so very much for the time that you put into this great work. It has truly been an instrument in my recovery, and I’m glad I am forever grateful for the healing that has occurred because of you. Thank you,D’Net Layt


    • Jared says:

      D’Net, I am so glad you commented! I remember being troubled by the exact dynamic you describe. Diana was part of several lessons of discussions, and as I recall her comments varied. The mansplaining/restating is just ok though. I worked hard to have a woman part of every discussion I had. I appreciate your comments and am so glad I have been able to be of some help.


  2. DNet says:

    “The mansplaining/restating is just ok though.” I’m assuming you meant not ok?


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