378.1: Conversations about God (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 27, Reissued)

“All Things Denote There Is a God”

I jokingly call this lesson “Apostates week”. The key exchanges this lesson are Alma vs. Korihor and then Alma and his companions vs. the Zoramites. We are going to push a bit in approach with this lesson, use these scriptures to challenge us a touch. Kind of like how so many enjoy likening ourselves to Nephi, but what can we learn by likening ourselves to Laman and Lemuel?

Key points in this lesson include:

  • What compelling evidence is there for the existence of God? Is there anything that might be problematic about God debates?
  • Sure it is easy to write off Korihor and Mormon wants us to, but what are the elements of his worldview?
  • What are the Zoramites’ shortcomings? Is there anything we can learn from them, perhaps even see elements familiar in our own Church culture?
  • What *is* the most productive way to interact with those who disbelieve?

Look forward to an engaging discussion with JessicaMeredithSterling and Chris.

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You can Access the Lesson Notes here.


All Things Testify of Christ, Mormon Channel

All Things Denote There Is a God, BYU Religious Studies Center

The Blessings of an Unknown God

Revelation according to our Language

Revelation according to our Expectations

Arguments for the Existence of God

Pragmatic Arguments and Belief in God, Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Moral Arguments and Belief in God, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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