379.1: July 19; Experiment upon the Word (Come Follow Me Week 29, Reissued)

Plant this Word in your Hearts

How many superstars of theology can we fit into a few chapters? Truth. Prayer. Atonement. These chapters contain some of the most memorable lessons and gems in the Book of Mormon. The “experiment upon the word” in Alma 32, Amulek’s powerful sermon on the Atonement and role of this life, as well as some overlooked treasures about prayer and mercy.

Highlights of the lesson will include:

  • Detailed exploration of the idea of Alma’s “experiment upon the word”. What are reliable ways to know a principle is true? What does “true” mean in this instance?
  • Discussion of prayer, worship, and mercy
  • Engagement with Amulek’s sermon as we discuss human nature, the Atonement, and role of this life

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Look forward to an engaging discussion with KristineMatthew, KC and Greg.
After you listen to the lesson and class discussion, please post your comments and questions here on the blog and continue the conversation!

You can access the Lesson Notes here.

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