386: The Limitations of Human Nature (Come Follow Me BoM Week 35, Reissued)

Pretty much everyone is depressed in these chapters. The prophet Nephi and editor Mormon both complain about human nature and the state of wickedness of the people at this time. This is where the Lamanites become more righteous than the Nephites. Highlights will include

  • Lessons from Lamanite and Nephite reactions to the Gadianton Robbers
  • Book of Mormon perspective on prosperity
  • Scriptural portrayals of Satan and God
  • Nephi receiving the sealing power
  • The character of human nature

Reading: Helaman 6-12

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You can access my Lesson Notes here.


Our Buggy Moral Code, Dan Ariely

The Bad Show, RadioLab

The Philosophy and Science of Human Nature

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