399: Dec 20; Faith, Hope, Love (Come Follow Me Week 50)

So much to discuss as we conclude our study of the Book of Mormon this year. Points we will explore this lesson:

  • Mormon’s sublime letter on faith, hope, and charity in Moroni 7
  • Moroni’s promise in chapter 10–perhaps the most read section of the Book of Mormon. How do we know what is true? What does it mean if this promise doesn’t pan out?
  • Relatedly, a discussion of good and evil. How do we discern between the two? What role does intention play? More importantly, how do we “cleave unto every good thing”?
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Mormon’s diatribe against the baptism of “little children”. What do we learn about theology from chapter 8? What does this letter teach us about agency, choice, accountability, covenants, and salvation?

EmilyDanny, and Davey provide a satisfying and thoughtful discussion to conclude our study of the Book of Mormon.

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You can access my Lesson Notes here.

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  1. Flagar says:

    Is this the latest episode? Or is the podcast not producing episodes for 2021?


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