Gospel Doctrine Reader Complete!!


Reader in .mobi format (Kindle) 

Reader in .epub format


Jon, a Mormon Sunday School listener has completed the Gospel Doctrine Reader in both .epub and .mobi formats! It is very impressive, pleasing to look at, and easy to use.

These will make reading along with the lessons very easy. I have been including my reading notes with each lesson.

Latest Comments

  1. Nic Mitchell says:

    I recently tried to open and download the kindle reader but it said that both readers have been removed. Are you going to be putting then back up?

    I just recently fund your podcast and have found it very thought provoking and even controversial at times, but I love it and I have started to re-engage in thinking about and trying to have it working more in my life. Thank you very much.


    • Jared Anderson says:

      Thank you Nic. The links are just to the D&C reading for last year… the readings for this year are found in each post. I will see what it would take to get these back up as well.


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