034: Doctrine & Covenants Lesson 8: Restoration of the Priesthood

Restoration of the Priesthood

The priesthood permeates pretty much everything we do in the LDS Church. Much of the reason to be a member is tied up in the power and authority restored through Joseph Smith, culminating in saving temple ordinances. For these reasons, this lesson is a very important one. I confess that this is a lesson I have wrestled with how to teach responsibly–the subject of power and authority from God is very important, but our sources and the history behind them get complicated and messy. This lesson will cover:

  • Thoughts on the relationships between history, theology, and legitimacy
  • close reading of the accounts of the restoration of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods as well as other keys
  • A exploration of priests, prophets, and authority in the Bible to which our narratives are so closely linked

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Student ReadingD&C 13;20:38–67;27:12–13;84:6–30;107:1–20,110:11–16;Joseph Smith—History 1:66–73; Our Heritage, pages 11–14, D&C 107 23, 35; D&C 42:43–44;43:15–16;84:111;107:25, 33–35, 38–39, 58, 68, 71, 87–88, 93–97;124:91–93, 124, 128,Matthew 16:19,D&C 78:15–16,D&C 81:1–2,D&C 112:30–34

Additional Teacher Reading128:20,Moroni 7:35–372 Nephi 32:33 Nephi 7:18;3 Nephi 17:23–24;Moroni 7:25, 29–31D&C 84:88,Matthew 3:1–6, 1184:111,D&C 107:85,D&C 107:86,D&C 107:13–17, 68, 71–72, 87–88D&C 107:89;124:137D&C 124:133, 136D&C 107:25–26124:138–39

We were amazingly fortunate to have Greg Prince join us for this discussion. He, Emily and Dan provide a vital and even paradigm shifting discussion of the story of priesthood authority.

Please continue the conversation and post your questions and comments here, in our facebook group, or email them to me at mormonsundayschool at gmail.

You can access my Lesson Notes here.

You can access my Reading Notes here.


Suggested Resources:

See Lesson Notes.

Many thanks to Devin Roth for the beautiful bumper music. Check out his arrangement of hymns and other work at DevinRothMusic!

Thanks to James Estrada of Oak Street Audio who got this episode finished faster than I even hoped! (I think he pulled another all-nighter)

Latest Comments

  1. Courtney Peck says:

    Any idea where to find a link/source to the piece Greg Prince mentioned about priesthood power being distinct from priesthood authority? I think he said it was in one of the early church magazines?


    • Jason F says:

      Credit to my wife for tracking down the link to the Improvement Era article from October 1931 that was referenced in this episode:


      Once you download that pdf the article is on page 41 of the file or page 735 of the original document, the articled is titled “Why Priesthood At All”.

      Greg, Jared, Emily, and Dan – kudos for a brilliant lesson and discussion about this weighty topic!


  2. Luke says:

    Love this episode Jared. Well done.So glad you got Greg Prince on, he is a favourite in out household at the moment.


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