070: Missionary Work III; D&C and Church History 41

“Every Member a Missionary”

Class Member Reading
: Doctrine and Covenants 1:4–5, 30; 65; 88:81; 109:72–74; D&C 115:4–6; 123:12; Our Heritage, pages 116–17, 124–25.

Additional Teacher Reading: None

This lesson explores some paradoxes at the heart of effective missionary efforts. Do we seek only to share what we know, or are we also expected to learn from those we teach? Do we not need to love and respect people for where they are, before we can invite them to improve in ways that we are genuinely modeling? The lesson proposes the following steps for missionary work:

  • Step 1: Convert thyself
  • Step 2: Show sincere interest in others, including learning from them
  • Step 3: Love others where they are
  • Step 4: “Preach” by example
  • Step 5: Let the process run its course, acting by the Spirit
  • Step 6: Allow yourself to learn and change as well
  • Step 7: Whether or not change happens, continue to love the person

Cami, Bonnie, and Stephanie make up the class.

You can access the Lesson Notes here.

You can access the Assigned Reading here.



Many thanks to Devin Roth for the beautiful bumper music. Check out his arrangement of hymns and other work at DevinRothMusic.

Thanks to James Estrada for the audio post-production.

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