071: Continuing Revelation through Prophets; D&C and Church History 42

Continuing Revelation to Latter-day Prophets

The message that God speaks to us today is certainly needed and comforting, but how does it work? The lesson explores the nature of revelation and broaches the topic of what revelation we have had in the Church, and the discussion digs deeper into these and other issues including:

  • The way continuing revelation is discussed in the Church
  • The approach to continuing revelation in the Community of Christ tradition
  • Pretend you were an investigator: What would be on your wishlist of topics on which to hear God’s will?
  • How do we balance prophetic revelation and our personal revelation and gifts?
  • What role do the inspiring statements of other religious leaders play?

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Class Member Reading
: Doctrine and Covenants 1:38; 68:1–4; 84:109–10; 107:25, 34, 93–98; 132:8; Official Declaration 2 (pages 293–94 in the Doctrine and Covenants); Our Heritage, pages 117–19, 125–27. Scripture chain: D&C 1:38; D&C 21:4–6; D&C 28:2–7; D&C 43:2–3; D&C 112:20

Additional Teacher Reading: D&C 20:53–55; Ezekiel 37:15–19

Brent, Amy, and Patrick join the discussion with John Hamer who brings in the Community of Christ perspective.

You can access the Assigned Reading here

You can access the Lesson Notes here


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Many thanks to Devin Roth for the beautiful bumper music. Check out his arrangement of hymns and other work at DevinRothMusic.

Thanks to James Estrada for the audio post-production.

Latest Comments

  1. Sfly says:

    Jared, You indicated in the lesson notes that one of the ways revelation could come was for clarifications or changes in doctrine. If blacks receiving the priesthood was a policy change, what changes in doctrine have we had? I really can’t think of any. I guess it all depends on which things one considers doctrine, and which things are considered policy. I was wanting to use this in my lesson but I need specific examples which I haven’t been able to come up with. What did you have in mind when you wrote this?


    • Jared Anderson says:

      I was thinking of changes in LDS conception of God, including trinitarianism, to Adam-God theory, to the Godhead as we now understand it. Not very lesson friendly 🙂 Perhaps the fb group would have other ideas.


  2. James Needham says:

    Great show Jared and others, I have a question that came out of this lesson. Religious communities have their charismatic founder and then set up institutions after they die to preserve his legacy, our religion is just the same. Joseph was full of revelation, “more than his meat and drink” he could even look at a pile of bones and revelation fleshed them out.
    So what happened to that revelatory mantel since? Where is “Thus sayeth the Lord”. 98% or so of the later day revelation are Josephs. Our prophets since (aside from Brigham’s boldness)seem to just preserve his legacy and change policy here and there as you indicated. Today, it is like we are saying we have no need of a new revelation. Just as other Christians can say “a bible a bible we have no need of another bible”. So we say we have no need of new doctrinal/scriptural revelation? Do we really have all we need?
    Thanks, carry on with the great lessons.


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