094.2: Farewell of Moses; OT Lesson 17 (Study Notes)

“Beware Lest Thou Forget”

This episode continues by discussing the historical background of Deuteronomy and then exploring the science of memory, importance of commemoration, and the way stories can change us. The class also addresses the distinctions between law, commandment, and morality.

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Class Member Reading: Deuteronomy 681132Helaman 5:12Matthew 7:24-27D&C 50:44

Additional Reading: Deuteronomy 47:1-413:1-834

Other Reading: Look over the rest of Deuteronomy

Sheldon guest hosts and Dorothy,Jeff and Ben continue the discussion.


You can access the Assigned Reading here (or PDF)



Memory and Forgetting, RadioLab

How our memory works

Authoring the Old Testament (This topic comes up since Moses could not have narrated his own death)


Thanks to Sheldon Greaves for guest teaching and hosting, to James Estrada for working post-production MIRACLES, and as always to Steven Nelson for the beautiful bumper music.

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